TNP counts 12 communities to support companies today in the transformations of tomorrow




Banking, Insurance, Industry, Mobility, Energy and Non-Financial Services: General, Digital, Business, Marketing, Operations and IT departments.

  • -New competitors
  • -Sales and production cycles being shortened
  • -Changes in management models
  • -Loss of certain benchmarks in customer relations
  • -Our hybrid, global approach: customer vision, collaborative vision, operational efficiency vision, start-up ecosystem
  • -Our 'through use' approach
  • -Our dual business and technological expertise
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    Leading financial institutions from the city's financial centre Credit institutions Investment firms Insurers Large industrial and service groups, in France and abroad

    Compliance of organizations with the Basel standards and international accounting standards Operational efficiency of Risk and Finance functions Defining and implementing Financial Departments' operational model

    Lean Management & target operating model Organization and expertise for Basel standards 2 and 3 and IFRS compliance Diversity, innovation and team flexibility



    Major players in the financial sector: Retail Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, Corporate and Investment Banking, Insurance and Social Welfare

  • -Regulatory pressures: critical compliance issue
  • -Operational impacts on information systems and business models
  • -Reorganizations and definition of strategic plans for our clients
  • -Regulatory expertise & mastery of methodologies and tools
  • -Ensuring compliance to the letter
  • -Sharing, passing on information, working together
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    Banking, Insurance, Healthcare & Research, Retail, Local Authorities & Government Agencies, in France and abroad

    To inform our clients on their organizational challenges, on ways to achieve compliance, on IT awareness and priority actions.

  • -We understand the French and international legislative and regulatory framework
  • -We assess your compliance with the GDPR
  • -Cross-disciplinary expertise in data protection, covering legal, technical and security aspects
  • -Pragmatic approach based on risk assessment
  • -Implementation of a personal data protection governance system
  • -Operational approach to your obligations and project-based action
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    All business sectors addressed by TNP, across all business functions

  • -Rethink business models in terms of strategy and market developments
  • -Optimize the way we operate to be more competitive
  • -Leverage new technologies for efficiency, quality and development  Mobilize staff during these major changes
  • -Our client-positioning benchmarks
  • -Tangible results & commitment
  • -Our combined expertise: in-depth knowledge of business sectors and functions, best practices and market solutions (going paperless, RPA, RDA, machine learning, artificial intelligence)
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    CIO Advisory

    Business, digital and IT departments of the major CAC 40 groups, in the Banking, Insurance, Energy & Utilities, Mobility, Retail and Industry sectors.

  • -Reduce IT costs
  • -Renew or migrate the computer stock to the Cloud
  • -Introduce the digital platform model  Full-scale deployment of the new Agile / DevOps practices
  • -Adapt the governance model to allow traditional and digital IS to coexist
  • -Agile, technology-oriented solutions
  • -TNP benchmarks and accelerators
  • -Independent and recognized technological expertise
  • -Expertise in digital organizational models proven with major accounts, and gained from the observation of 'Cloud natives’
  • -Our teams' combined expertise in Cloud offerings and sectoral business challenges
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    All TNP clients in all sectors: Retail Banking, CIB, Insurance, WAS (Wealth & Asset Services), Industry & Services

  • -Operationally manage projects and programs effectively
  • -Involve our clients' teams: make them stakeholders in terms of governance, methods and tools
  • -Benefits for everyone
  • -Made-to-measure offerings using our know-how and accelerators
  • -Mix of conventional & agile methods
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    In France and abroad: Industry & Services Electronic Banking

  • -Keeping on top of operational problems
  • -Fully mastering business processes
  • -Being innovative
  • -Transforming our clients' business through our operational vision
  • -Providing solutions with measurable results (ROI, streamlining of processes, improved results, etc.)
  • - Totally independent of software companies, partner to the major market players and involved in most of the offerings from the market's premium software companies (Oracle, SAP, SalesForce)
  • - Choice of niche players: :

    Banks : SAB, Temenos

    Insurance : Graphtalk A.I.A., Cegedim

    ITSM : ServiceNow

  • -Functional implementation to add value to our business expertise (CargoWise for shipping, PTC for R&D, Planisware for industrial planning, etc.)